SATU YLÄ-MONONEN / Riccarron Bernese / Finland



My name is Satu and I live in Kangasala, Finland, in Northern Europe. I have been involved with dogs nearly all my life. I had my first dog 1971, Carelian Bear Dog "Rekku". With Rekku I started my love of this hobby. I began to visit dog shows and all kind of dog events. In 1982 I finally got the permission from my parents to have a "real show dog"! I was lucky! My first show dog and also my first Bernese Mountain Dog was a lovely and very successful male FIN & S CH, FINW-85, FINW-89 Valkeakoivun Carro. Carro’s father was Swiss male Eros v Bergbuur. Carro lived with us almost 12 years. Since that I have had Bernese, first one, then two, then... Right now I am owner of five lovely Bernese individuals and one Border Terrier. So, I got my first Bernese in 1982, quite a long time ago!


At Riccarron we have bred and owned several national Champions (more than 50 champions in 15 different countries) and International Champions (15 so far), National Winners, Specialty Winners, even two World Winners and three Junior World Winners!! Riccarron Bernese have won the Finnish National Specialty several times. Riccarron dogs have been the number one Bernese in Finland in many years. Riccarron dogs are also competing in obedience and tracking for example and give smiles to people’s faces as therapy dogs.


In addition, Riccarron has been awarded the Vuolasvirta Breeder's Plaque of the Finnish Kennel Club for meritorious breeding in 2000 and The Finnish Dog Breeders Club Breeder's Plaque for meritorious breeding in 2005 as a first Bernese breeder in Finland.  Take a look to our “Highlights”.






I have been a FCI approved championship show judge since 1999, and I have judged Bernese Mountain Dog Specialties more than 25 different countries until now. I am qualified to judge 55 different breeds and I am traveling a lot because of judging. In August 2007 I was honored to judge in Switzerland at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club 100th Jubilee Specialty Show and in May 2010 the BMDCA National Specialty in USA. These are the biggest honor that a judge can ever have and I am very proud of these.


Over the intervening years I have enjoyed seeing many fine Bernese all over the world. As a judge I want Bernese to be balanced, correct in anatomy, strong boned and a good mover. I seek for correct breed type and structure. Happy and confident Bernese temperament is always a joy! I want to see effortless ground covering movement with good reach and drive, level topline and good tail carriage. Correct front and front movement is very important to our dogs. This is a fantastic working breed and it should stay like that in the future, too! Head and other breed details are also important  - at the very end of the list will come markings (white tail tips, etc.). I’m responsible for judges’ education of Bernese in Finland.


I have served as a secretary in the Swiss Mountain & Cattle Dog Club of Finland during 10 years and as a president of Breeding Commission (Bernese Mountain Dog) of Swiss Mountain & Cattle Dog Club of Finland during 9 years. I have served as a vice president of the Breeding and Science Committee of The Finnish Kennel Club, a president of DNA-working group of The Finnish Kennel Club and a president of eye diseases -working group of The Finnish Kennel Club.


I have been awarded the silver medal of the Swiss Mountain & Cattle Dog Club of Finland and the silver medal of the Finnish Kennel Club. I am a honorary member of the Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs of Finland since 2011.



Satu Ylä-Mononen